The aim of the teaching ministry of Renewing Life Church is to help men and women to understand that the entirety of their lives is called to be lived in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel rescues us from the penalty of God’s wrath, not by our effort, but by the work of Jesus Christ for us.
The Academy of Christian Training (ACT) is the discipleship ministry of Renewing Life Church and exists to ensure that the call of Ephesians 4:11-16 (the call to bring men and women to maturity in Christ) is fulfilled in the lives of those we serve. Click on each ministry below to see how your life and soul will be nurtured in the Lord.
Life Groups are weekly classes that meet for the purposes of helping men and women to understand the central principles of Christianity. Far from being basic, Life Groups will help men and women to understand the faith and how to apply their learning to every aspect of their life.
LABS (Life Application Bible Studies). LABS are designed to equip men and women to grow deeper in their understanding and application of the gospel. While Life Groups focus on the foundational aspects of the Bible and Christian living LABS give attention to the doctrinal understanding of the faith and the development of a Christian worldview.
     LABS connect with Life Groups by teaching men and women to think more deeply about the foundational aspects of the faith. At this level members are challenged to go beyond the simple profession of faith to learning how to think rightly about the faith and the Bible.
     Consistent Participation is Life Groups is required to serve in any level of leadership in the church
Intensive Bible studies are just that, intensive! In these classes men and women will be expected to read and prepare at least two hours each week for each session. Intensive studies re designed to move men and women from “receiver only” to a provider of the gospel to others. 
     The major focus in these sessions is to teach men and women how to communicate with others all that they have come to learn about the faith. Due to the level of work and commitment of the IBS, those who join this study must first have demonstrated a commitment to Life Groups and LABS.
     Consistent participation is IBS is required for those who would desire to enter into Leadership Plus for church leadership.
Those who desire to become elders and or deacons at Renewing Life Church must complete the entirety of this study. These sessions provide instruction along with specific activities and assignments to prepare men to be ordained and equipped for formal leadership in the church
     Leadership Plus is by invitation by the elders only.