“God is vitally concerned that men should pray. Men are bettered by prayer, and the world is bettered by praying. God does His best work for the world through prayer. God’s greatest glory and man’s highest good are secured by prayer. Prayer forms the godliest men and makes the godliest world.”
What Is the Purpose of the Prayer Wall?
The Prayer Wall is designed to encourage a culture of prayer at Renewing Life Church. We believe that when the ministries of the church are constantly brought before the Lord He will not only hear, but He will act on our behalf.  When the people of God unite in a prayerful burden for the mission and ministry of the church we will see God do awesome and amazing things through us and for us.
Mark 11:24
As a body and Faith Family, let us seek the Lord together for a greater expression due experience of the Power of God and His manifest Presence 
  1. Raise up men and women who understand, are gripped by and hungry for the Glory of God
  2. The anointing of the Spirit of God upon our vision of Re-Focus.
  3. The growing presence of Racial diversity (harmony) and relational unity within the body.
  4. That the Lord would direct our leadership, while blessing our consistency.
  5. The Lord would ignite an all-consuming devotion to the Word, prayer and intercession (in private communion and corporate gatherings).
  6. The manifest power of the Spirit upon our worship service and Bible Study.
  7. The Holy spirit will stir up a passion for growing in discipleship and Evangelism at RLC.