Word on the Street is the intentional evangelistic strategy to reach our community with the gospel, for the glory of Jesus Christ.  Part of Word on the Street involves evangelistic training, equipping men and women how to share their faith. We engage the community, in an organized way, twice a month going door to door as well as seeking to understand the culture and the loves of those to whom we minister.
Invitationalism is the way we speak about encouraging the church to reach out to people in their own communities, workplace and social gatherings.  Each member has an invitationalism card that provides information regarding the church as well as a link where people can go to and hear a welcome from our pastor where he shares his heart for their souls. Invitationalism is a significant means by which we seek to grow our church through evangelism and discipleship.
Jesus met the physical needs of humanity as well as the spiritual. Food for the Hungry seeks to fulfill the mandate of the scripture to minister to the poor and those who are in need by ensuring the kids eat a well balanced meal. We want to ensure that no kid lacks the sustenance necessary for productive lives. Each Summer we feed over 1500 kids daily – breakfast and lunch and, also, we provide after-school dinners during the entire school year. 
Renewing Life Church partners with Huddle Touch, a non profit organization that seek to touch the lives of athletes in a variety of ways, one of which is providing pre-game meals and devotion. We are currently ministering to athletes at Killian High School and will serve Norlens High School as well next fall. Along with getting to pour into the lives of these young men we also have had the honor of pouring into the coaching staff as well and the Lord is doing wonderful things!