Pastor Sherard is the lead pastor for Preaching and Leadership. Pastor Sherard holds a Master of Biblical Studies degree from Reformed Theological Seminary, Oviedo, FL as well as a PhD. in Church History at Newburgh Theological Seminary. Pastor Sherard and his wife Lisa live in the Cutler Bay area and together have six children. (See more)


Pastor and Lisa BURNS

Pastor Sherard and his wife, Lisa are a couple committed to serving the Lord and others through their union. Lisa, among serving the women of RLC, provides leadership to their feeding program which began feeding children in Miami, FL in 2015.
     Lisa is a native of West Philadelphia and saw the need to extend the feeding program to that city. In 2017 they extended the feeding program to Philadelphia and were blessed to provide meals to thousands of kids in need.
    Pastor calls her his Lady Love and his greatest supporter in life and ministry.


Pastor Sherard is committed to teaching the Word of God with precision, clarity and practical principles for life application. His style of preaching is “Principle-Centered”, which means he seeks the principles of the text and teaches them so that people see the Bible as relevant to their daily walk and challenges.
    If you are looking to have a life that is shaped by the Word and if you desire to grow in your knowledge of the gospel of grace come visit us one Sunday or check out his sermons online here.

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(Weekly Devotionals)

If you are looking for devotionals that speak both to your understanding and your heart, Pastor Sherard’s “Words of Grace” will provide both. Check out these weekly devotionals.

Christ Above Culture

Pastor Sherard has contributed to books and academic journals throughout his ministry. His latest work is Christ Above Culture: A Gospel-Centered Vision for Racial Harmony.  In this books he not only bears his heart and burden to see racial unity in the church but he provides a biblical-theological understanding of the nature of the problem and the ways forward to a Christ-honoring solution. Pick up your copy today!

Seminary Logo

In 2011 pastor Sherard gathered 11 people to offer a preview of what would become Believers Bible College and Seminary (BBCS). The seminary was started as a mission with the desire to provide solid theological training for pastors and lay leaders who could not afford “traditional” seminaries. Thus, BBCS provides degree programs that are excellent in content and affordable for any budget. Using his extensive theological education and training. Pastor Sherard has written the course material in practical ways in which everyone can understand and grow.
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